About us

The Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems (ACPS) is a research & development (R & D) and academic group, at the Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) under the Division of Interdisciplinary Research in University of Agder (UiA). The group focuses on foundational and applied research to solve cutting edge problems in the research areas of Cyber-Physical systems, Autonomous systems, Robotics and Automation involving advanced sensor systems, Computer vision, Thermal imaging, LiDAR imaging, Radar imaging, wireless sensor networks, smart electronic systems, advanced machine learning techniques, connected autonomous systems including drones/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), unmanned underwater systems (UUSs), 5G- (and beyond) enabled autonomous vehicles, and Socio-Technical Systems like urban transportation systems, Smart Agriculture and Smart Cities.

The group members are drawn from various departments in UiA. In addition, it has a strong national, international, and industrial collaborations. It has established strong collaborations with many major technology companies and engages with R & D groups across the globe. The group also hosts several young exchange students for doing bachelor thesis, master thesis, and doctoral researchers as well as visiting scientists and professors from academia and industry.

The Group offers various short and semester-long courses at bachelor, master and doctoral level. In addition, it also conducts various workshops and summer schools in emerging technologies.

Leader of the ACPS Group

Linga Reddy Cenkeramaddi
Leader of the Group